Friday, October 3, 2008

Update on Student Activity on the Course Blog

I suggest that the students attending the course form "working groups" during the first week of the course. By Wednesday 15 October at 12:00 I'd like to receive an email from each group of two or three students telling me who the members of the group are. The group will work together throughout the course.

Each group of students is expected to post their solutions to selected exercises from the textbook in the form of a PDF file accompanied by the LaTeX source for the file. The other groups are expected to contribute comments on each solution that is being presented by their colleagues. The contributing group will then have to improve their solutions taking the comments they receive into account.

If they are of sufficient quality, the solutions you will give to the exercises will, with due attribution, be part of a "teacher's handbook" that my co-authors and I will make available here. Do a good job and some famous people will be forever grateful to you :-)

I will assign the exercises to the groups on a weekly basis.

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