Monday, October 27, 2008

Solution from Group 2

The solution from group 2 is now available here. Group 4 is expected to post their comments on this solution on the blog by Wednesday, 29 October, at 12:00 CET. Other groups are, of course, welcome to provide feedback and suggestions for improving the solution.

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Guðrún said...

The solution exercise nr. 2.b, where the definition of user has been changed, is not correct. The left side of the graph was lacking the last state ((User'''|Sem)|User''')\{p,v}. Because of that few possible 'exit'-transactions were lacking and the last tau-transaction on the right side cannot be made. Also there are some transactions on the right side, that are not right e.g. the exit-transition on the last state.
This could have been avoided by using a better graphical layout, because this system is completely symmetric.

The solution to exercise 3 is correct, but we suggest a better graphical layout, so it will easier to read and understand.

-Danila, Guðrún and Talia