Sunday, October 26, 2008

Commenting on the Solutions

Based on the solutions I have received so far, I expect the following groups to comment on each other's exercise solutions:
  • Groups 1 and 3,
  • Groups 5 and 6.
Post your comments on the blog by Wednesday, 29 October, at 12:00 CET. Other groups are, of course, welcome to provide feedback and suggestions for improving the solutions.


andrea said...
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andrea said...
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andrea said...

The solution that the group 1 has proposed is good, but we think that it should be more precise.
Infact in our opinion the sentence: "Now we can substitute P and α in the CON rule" is not clear.
It is better to say what do you have to substitute the terms. Infact P (it must be P') must be changed with A[f] and α with a1.

Andrea Caputo said...

In our opinion the execise is correct and we don't nothing to complain.
Infact the dimostrations they shown are correct,
even if they have not making the bisimulations.

Leonardo said...

Group 5 do not show that there is a strong bisimulation between the two rules, since they not build any relation R of bisimularity

ciacs_85 said...

We think that the execise of the group 6 is correct because they have found the relation R using all of the 3 parallel composition rules. Indeed the solution is correct and well formed.