Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Exercise and Project Groups

Based on the information you have sent me so far, I am aware of the following exercise and project groups. Drop me a line if you are following the course and you are missing from the list below, so that I can update the "official" list and start assigning exercises to each of the groups.

  • Group 1: Andrea Caputo and Daniele Fanì.
  • Group 2: Marco Dezi, Stefano Ficcadenti and Roberto Mindoli.
  • Group 3: Andrea Baiocco, Luca Micozzi and Michele Manzotti.
  • Group 4: Danila Leonori, Guðrún Fema Ólafsdóttir and Talia Tiberi. (Danila, Guðrún and Talia, since you expressed no preferences regarding your exercise and project group, I decided to put the three of you together. Of course, you should feel free to complain if you disagree.)
Watch this space for upcoming exercise assignments.

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