Thursday, October 2, 2008

Test Post

This blog will be used for the Modelling and Verification course that I will be holding in Camerino, Italy, over the next couple of months.

Students in the course are expected to be active on the blog, posting questions to each other, providing answers to them and commenting on the answers that have been provided by others. Activity on the blog will account for 5% of the final mark for the course.

Whenever you write a post on the blog, you should
  • be as clear as you possibly can,
  • be courteous in your writing,
  • proof read what you write, and
  • overall take pride in what you write.
Remember that being able to express your ideas, questions and solutions in writing is a skill that you will need in the future regardless of what your future occupation will be.

I hope that you will enjoy using the blog and following the course.

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